Quattroporte vanaf mj. 2014


The new Maserati Quattroporte with up to 445 kW / 605 hp, 318-km/h top speed and exclusive designer outfit.

Superior performance through NOVITEC TRIDENTE engine tuning and an exclusive designer outfit that adds even more sporty emphasis to the thrilling styling: NOVITEC TRIDENTE, global leader in the refinement of the luxury cars from Modena, presents an extensive refinement program for the new Maserati Quattroporte.

Thanks to NOVITEC TRIDENTE tuning, power output of the most powerful factory model of the Italian luxury sedan, the eight-cylinder GTS, jumps to 445 kW / 605 hp, and the car consequently reaches a top speed of 318 km/h. In addition, the refinement specialist upgrades the appearance and handling dynamics with sportily styled clear-coated carbon-fiber body components, exclusive 22-inch wheels and suspension options that offer a sporty yet comfortable ride. Another NOVITEC TRIDENTE specialty lies in designing exclusive interior upgrades.

Superb driving thanks to superior engine power combined with outstanding smoothness and exemplary strength: that is the philosophy behind all NOVITEC TRIDENTE performance kits for the various Maserati Quattroporte models. Prices start at 1,290 euros.
The top-of-the-line engine available ex-factory is the 3.8-liter eight-cylinder twin turbo engine in the GTS. The installation of the processor-controlled NOVITEC N-TRONIC plug- and-play tuning module introduces new mapping for injection and ignition as well as a moderate increase in boost pressure. The result is an increase in power output by 55 kW / 75 hp. At the same time peak torque jumps from 710 to 820 Nm an. The engine delivers a new rated power output of 445 kW / 605 hp and shoots the four-door car to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds. Top speed increases to 318 km/h.

Owners of a Quattroporte S with V6 engine and rear-wheel or all-wheel drive can also further enhance the performance of their car with NOVITEC TRIDENTE tuning. The N-TRONIC auxiliary control unit delivers a jump in power output from standard 301 kW / 410 hp to 350 kW / 476 hp. Just as powerful is the peak torque that increases from 550 to 640 Nm and is constantly available on a plateau between 1,700 and 4,900 rpm. The Q4 all-wheel-drive model of the luxury sedan takes just 4.5 seconds to sprint from 0 – 100 km/h.

Of course NOVITEC TRIDENTE also offers engine tuning for the first diesel model from the Modena-based brand. With a power output of 237 kW / 322 hp, the V6 turbocharged engine with NOVITEC N-TRONIC module bests the production engine by an impressive 35 kW / 47 hp. Simultaneously, peak torque grows from standard 600 Nm to 680 Nm at a low 2,200 rpm. With this kind of power the Quattroporte Diesel takes just 5.7 seconds to reach 100 km/h, seven tenths less than the production car. Even more impressive than the mere performance figures is the driving experience in the tuned common-rail turbodiesel model. The enormously powerful torque of the NOVITEC TRIDENTE version delivers an even more superior driving sensation.

It goes without saying that the various Quattroporte models cannot only be made more powerful, but can also be clad in an exclusive NOVITEC designer outfit. Elegant and aerodynamically efficient add-on parts made of clear-coated carbon fiber were developed for the body. The front receives a dynamic facelift with the two-piece NOVITEC TRIDENTE front spoiler, which attaches to the left and right side of the bumper. From the side the sedan has an even lower and sleeker stance thanks to the new rocker panels. The subtle rear spoiler lip on the trunk lid lends the Quattroporte an even sportier touch. What‘s more: in concert with the front spoiler it also optimizes the aerodynamics. The complete aerodynamic-enhancement kit is made of clear-coated carbon fiber and sells for 3,120 euros. The components are also available individually.

A crucial role in the striking looks of the refined luxury sedan is also played by the NOVITEC TRIDENTE NM1 wheels in 22-inch king-size format. These wheels are also available for the Maserati Ghibli. The one-piece alloys with five distinctive double spokes perfectly fill out the available space in the wheel arches: the size 9Jx22 wheels at the front are mounted with Pirelli P Zero high-performance tires of size 255/30 ZR 22. Tires of size 315/25 ZR 22 on 11Jx22 rims are installed on the rear axle.
The NOVITEC TRIDENTE NM1 complete wheel sets are available in various versions with prices starting at 3,980 euros. Owners of a Quattroporte or Ghibli can choose from silver, matt black, titanium and titanium with polished surfaces.

Specially calibrated to the 22-inch high-performance tires is the NOVITEC TRIDENTE sports suspension for all rear-wheel-drive models. It gives owners of the Quattroporte the option of tuning their vehicle‘s ride to their personal preferences. This includes not only an infinitely variable ride-height lowering, but also shock absorbers with adjustable compression and rebound. NOVITEC TRIDENTE offers sports springs for the Q4 all-wheel-drive model for a ride-height lowering by about 35 millimeters.

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Quattroporte vanaf mj. 2014

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Quattroporte vanaf mj. 2014

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