Quattroporte vanaf mj. 2014

Superior performance through NOVITEC engine tuning and an exclusive designer outfit that adds even more sporty emphasis to the thrilling styling. NOVITEC , global leader in the refinement of the luxury cars from Modena, presents an extensive refinement program for the new Maserati Quattroporte.Thanks to NOVITEC TRIDENTE tuning, power output of the most powerful factory model of the Italian luxury sedan, the eight-cylinder GTS, jumps to 445 kW / 605 hp, and the car consequently reaches a top speed of 318 km/h. In addition, the refinement specialist upgrades the appearance and handling dynamics with sportily styled clear-coated carbon-fiber body components, exclusive 22-inch wheels and suspension options that offer a sporty yet comfortable ride. Another NOVITEC TRIDENTE specialty lies in designing exclusive interior upgrades.

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R4 111 01
SPOFEC SP1 velg 9,0Jx22 silver
€ 2.286,90
M4 002 01
Aluminium wheel type NM3 9,0J x 20J for front axle silver
€ 1.439,90
M1 003 01
NOVITEC N-TRONIC Levante diesel modellen
€ 1.560,90
R4 111 08
SPOFEC SP1 velg 10,5Jx22 titanium/polished
€ 2.843,50
R4 111 06
SPOFEC SP1 velg 10,5Jx22 titanium
€ 2.516,80
R5 111 01
CAN-Tronic suspension control module
€ 2.117,50
M4 003 10
Novitec NM1 velg/band set Ghibli/Quattroporte silver
op aanvraag
R2 111 01
Carbon Ceramic brake system
€ 22.869,-
M1 003 50
NOVITEC Active Sound System voor diesel mod.
€ 603,79
R4 111 25
SPOFEC SP1 velg/band set 22" titanium/polished
€ 13.334,20